Electro Mechanical
Pare, Arunanchal
Site Installation Works for “ELECTRO MECHANICAL PACKAGE” at PARE H.E.P. (2 X 55 MW) in Arunachal Pradesh.
Tala HEP, Bhutan
Modificaton of Tala Surge shaft Gates Hoisting Mechanism and its Latching arrangement.
Tanakpur, Uttarakhand
Dismanteling of Unit # III, replacement of Runner, Assembly and Installation of Unit at Tanakpur Power Station, Banbassa, Uttarakhand
Kuruchu, Bhutan
Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Mechanical, Hydraulic & Electrical Equipments and associated switchyard equipments of Unit I, II, III and IV at KHEP Bhutan

Installation and commissioning

Installation and commissioning is a complex process that can have effects on the reliability and production quality of your machinery. You can shorten the time required for commissioning and as a result increase your process reliability with the expertise and experience of our service engineers.

Techno undertakes the installation and commissioning of generator sets from a wide range of leading manufacturers  up to generators in the multi-megawatt range. 

Our mobile service teams and network of qualified service partners ensure swift availability on-site and a professional completion of your project.

 Regardless of whether the system is being commissioned for the first time, or reinstalled after repair or modernization, we are your partner for the installation and commissioning of your equipment.

The following services are provided by us

• Erection, Testing & Commissioning of Electro-mechanical equipments & Switchyard.

• Capital Maintenance and renovation of Hydro Turbines

• Repair of Kaplan, Francis and Pelton runners with perfect profile match.

• Stress Removal of hydro turbine runner and other parts.

• Dynamic and static balancing of turbine runners.

• Repair of guide vanes 

• Repair pf stator air coolers and transformer oil coolers.

• Repair of air and water-cooling systems.

• Repair of M.I.V., spherical Seals and gate seals.

• Repair of Spears, Tip liners and Nozzle tips for Pelton Turbines

• Stator rewinding with class F insulation.

• Preparing various study reports for Aged/Damaged Hydro Power Plants.

• Technical Consulting for Hydro Power Plants.

• Supply of superior quality spares for Hydro Power Plants, which includes.

• New Kaplan, Francis or Pelton runner of various capacities.

• Stator and Transformer Coolers, Air and water-cooling systems.

• Guide vanes, guide bearings, shaft seal & sleeves, main shaft, inlet valves, Gate seals, T.S. Ds, R.T. Ds, Dewatering pumps etc.

• Spares, Tip liners and Nozzle tips for Pelton Turbines.

• Preparing various study reports for Aged/Damaged Hydro Power Plants.

• Technical Consulting for Hydro Power Plants.

• Earthmat Grouting